What made my day with elder bro and talented peers in Vietnam. Such an invigorating and life-affirming experience has offered me a chance to meet up with those like-minded friends, once have a face-to-face conversation with inspirational and admired judges. All of us altogether share our own stories and put forward our perspectives towards the topic “Sustainable development”. We are change agents, and we are the ones who will inspire the society to make a better Vietnam, a better mother Earth. Nothing is impossible if we work hand in hand.

Semi-final ended and now look forward to the final round of EF challenge. By all means, it will be thrilling no matter what.

Waiting for new bondings with those awesome guysss ❤️❤️❤️ Ho Chi Minh head-on

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EC VIBE memories come flooding back to us – C5ers
Dear 105 cutest C5ers in this world,
#Throwback Tomorrow it will be dead one week since a life-affirming EC VIBE transpired, which was filled with strong passion, enthusiasm and professionalism of lovely C5ers. When I am writing this post, I just think about the ecstacy, sorrow, obstacles that we have undergone together. We all knew that In order to have the most successful EC, all C5ers in general and 12C5 bros and sisters particularly have put in a great deal of efforts even tears when our EC have got into successive troubles. Even when the most important day came, weather was still not on our side …. After all, nothing cannot deter C5 from being flamboyant and fabulous 😀 .
Thank 12C5 sisters and brothers for offering us such an unforgettable first EC in Phan. Thanks for being a great role model for us to forge ahead and make better ECs next time. And thanks for letting me speak with assurance that
“We are a concrete league that nothing can destroy. C5 indeed the strongest family that I have had in my studying career so far.”
Let this memory stay with us 😘
Best regards
Thanks for everything and wish you significant accomplishments and eternal happiness ! Always C5er
#ECVIBE2018 #C5rulestheworld


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U-motion Camp – UWC Changshu- Summer 2018

Making excuses, Procrastinating, OR giving it a fuck, are of our volition!

“ A perspicacious young man
Always envisage his rosy world
Full of clemency and camaraderie
Though is is a paranoid
He believe fantasy does exist
Yet it is just a delusion
Cauze this brutal life is easier fantasized than embraced!”

Truly enough, our ambition and perfectionist mindset are limitless. It dawned on me that this materialised world has become a rat race where rat are ready to satiate their uncouth desires, to justify their extreme believes, even at the expense of their fellow lives. For what? When the very foundation of love and mutual trust amongst their species have been sacrificed for their greediness and envy. We appears to never stop making demand and keep making demand? How much is enough?
Yet have we ever considered how much scope of contribution we can make to pay back for this life.

I missed my good old days in my tranquil home town, where love prevails over other malicious words of human beings. We gently embrace each other when strolling along Suoi Tien and deeply immersing in its breathtaking beauty. We, as innocent childrens, passing the paddy fields with kites flying high in endless sky. Everyday, we practise to live with less and love with more. And now this value i wanna keep and spread it to every walk of this life with my friend…. My PIE ❤️ We are normal kids with big heart, we might not do great things to change this tumultuous world yet at least we have made endeavor to do great things…

For long, Our PIE is always inclined to the ideal: Service to others. Yeah, everything we wish to do have to stem from the matters that we can hear and see in the real life. We fervently believe that it is our responsibility is to offer the REAL VALUES which can be attained and measured, even called out loud. In whatever do, we can always feel the change, yet, only if we can call exactly that change, we are indeed the owner of our lives


The second one, accompanied by the gradually increasing difficulty is to clarify how and in what ways those values can be put into reality. It is not about vagueness any longer; instead, it is about every single step needed to be taken. I have set my heart on studying Psychology at university, a choice not as expected. However, the mere thought that I would have to study economy and finance or anything else not catering for my taste in four years’ time simply ruins everything. Only the presence of psychology, at this moment, can act as a fairy salvaging myself from the daily grind.

Bearing in mind the specified target, I would have to jostle for it every second of my life. Psychology clubs, the art of self-motivation, workshops on the application of psychological effects, etc are those that I’ve given a go for the last few years. However from now on, they are no longer enough; I may well have to put myself into a habit of researching and updating, every day and everywhere in order to meet the demands of future jobs in today’s ever-changing world.

Moreover, undergraduate programs in Vietnam are almost out of the question as my major, which implies preparation for studying abroad is also needed to make. To do this, I have tried putting myself into an unfamiliar, unknown and unexpected environment to see whether or not I’m able to thrive. It was a crisis council at a model UN I’ve attended this summer, requiring each and every individual to respond to nuclear terrorism or an oil spill. This kind of experience was a life-transforming, really, in which I’ve properly prepared myself for the next stumbling block during my future career.

All in all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step. Be humble, be brave and the fruits, after all, will be sweet. I am not bound to be frightened of challenges posed by the job market. What I am bound to see, excuse my oddity is an opportunity for a change, perhaps for the better version of myself.


Time is the treasure that God offers evenly to everyone. For the same 24 hours, each person has his own way of managing time. Time flies with those who are idle, unorganized. Time stops with those who jump at the opportunity. So is the summer.
Take some minutes to have a look at “What have you done this summer?” Before the end of summer, is anything you can be proud of? Is anything you regret? Do you go through a satisfying summer more than expected or one with uncompleted plans?
This is also the question set for the upcoming Work

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

shop: The end of summer. On visiting our first workshop, you will have a chance to listen to the summer journey of your peers, share your stories and, more especially, find out the new source of motivation for the next semester and the next summer


“As it is named, after every summer, we go back to the treadmill of work, of life, BUT the memories and recollections of a summer gone by is an important prerequisite for my future directions and goals. Me too, there are moments of youth divergent in this life, but if not try to know, dare to challenge yourself, how can I be as present. I will not affirm that this is the most perfect sketch of my life, but that is on the progress reflect on what I am writing from the experience, the lessons that life gave me.
Every 24 hours, it is the best equality for all, no matter who you are, where you comes from … the decision to optimize that time lies in you. It is my self-direction that keeps me constantly thinking, how to make every day of life a meaningful part of life.
“How can I get those trips, whether those trips are just the tip of an iceberg, or are they truly defenses and values. The answer will be in Ha Van Workshop.
That is why, our PIEers, want to organize this Workshop, with an eye to not only sharing inspiring stories, but also to empowering the conversion of a passive community into a “ DARE TO TAKE ACTION” one. Stay responsible for yourself and the world you are living in!
Always live with the message”

“… You are struggling with the idea of building your project? you have no idea of where to start, what are the difficulties that a leader of an organization must overcome? Come to the piece of the second Guest Speaker of the Workshop “Hạ Vãn” …. and listen to the story of Hong Anh
“I’ve been with the Sharing Box for 2 years, living with the mission of creating a space that promotes knowledge sharing and inspiration in the young community, first and foremost in the Nghệ-Tĩnh region. The projects that we engaged as organizing team or even leaders have the goal of creating an impression, or a change in the perceptions of the participants about their topic. Including small-scale projects such as Diêm Box SB8: MÁC to the larger one as SAC 2018 – AM. Witnessing the positive results of the project, we realized that we had succeeded in spreading the message to the community, it was a time when we felt happy and relieved, simultaneously gained more passion and inspiration for what we do, and hope to have more projects with the same purpose, that is, to create a certain impression on the local community.
When it comes to project, I have a number of views, expectations, and experiences, although not too high. Maybe the things I share are very simple and familiar, the stories themselves are not surprising, but may come as rare or unknown story to you guys. Hoping for what you have left for the workshop will add a little reflection, ideas, motivation, … for the projects in your cocoon.”

“”When life gives you lemon, make lemonade”

For me, I am the one who has failed so many times and about 10 times the app is 9 times slipping, success is one thing that comes to me is not easy. I remember the months of bedtime with the deadline of the file until 3am or the noon session at Toco only to do essay. And when you receive the email, the results will be 90% and you will be disappointed again. But I believe that no failure will never be successful and so I still set my heart on oy and spend 100% on what I do.
For me, summer is the ‘experience’ season and you need to decorate your summer as many colors as possible. Unlike other summer seasons, the summer of 2018 is like a roller coaster ride. Instead of staying at home exam review certification, this summer is the year of experience and learning curve, getting to know many people from all over the country. The experience is not limited to active summer camps but also a part of the organizing committee of a project. Next year I will have many exams and waves to overcome and just hope that I will survive once again to have a greater summer in 2019!”


They are just the tip of the iceberg because we still have more than 50 potential participants’ stories are still kept in dark. As an organizer, I am speechless when hearing the honest sharing about themselves, used to see myself somewhere in that cocoon. We, PIErs – Project Initiatives Empowerment core team, are always proud of having held this workshop to help you have a more unequivocal plan for next summer and future. Stay composed, take risk and realize what is our comfort zone!

“We believe the government should ban all veiled costumes”

One month ago, we mocked a debate with motion.

“We believe the government should ban all veiled costumes”
The definition of a veiled dress here may be a daily costume like a mask… Or religious costume Hijab, Niqab … Reading this article in between, first I allow myself to limit the definition to just focus on Islamic dress. In this article, there are two clear perspectives.
There are some who argue that such a ban would be a violation of the religious freedom of Muslim women. It is true that those customs are deeply-entrenched in their subconsciousness, which hard to be abandoned overnight, although Denmark is not a country with many Muslim women. But I support this policy of Denmark. Here I will not discuss the security, social order but the crux of the matter are



Honestly, in many religious countries, the costumes of the Muslim people have turned into a parody amongst many. They even insidiously get bullied by others by means of bottles and beer thrown at them for the clothes they fress up considered being a weirdo. A Muslim Youtuber once captured her typical day as she wore her vailed Muslim dress walking on the streets of the United States. She gets bizarre looks, pointing fingers, and whispers from people surrounding. Therefore, the ban on veiled costumes in public places would create an integration and solidarity in multiracial nations, minimize conflicts between different religions and reduce the number of people lambasting each other through their outfits.


Visions of Muslims are being exploited to divide the power of sex in society.
Depending on the color, the different types of the veil can determine the role and status of a woman in the middle-class society. Women’s veiled clothing restricts their powers such as not being able to drive, do not go out without a guardian. In this respect, there are countless rules and customs imposed on them
For example, an unprotected woman wants to ride with a stranger. Sometimes they have to give other people “Feeding their KNOBS” to get a ride owing to the conception that” Lineage relationship is maintained through women’ milk”. Or it is a privilege for men in the house to see the face of his woman. In general, it is the woman’s own beauty that is the sole possession of the husband. Here, forbidding it does not mean breaking away with the religious beliefs of a particular religion, but rather as a springboard in the eradication of these extremes, depraved customs, and the consolidation of a developed society.

Still a traveller in 2018

#2017 a gamut of emotions in my life and an inseparable part in my mind

Every year went by, we are all getting older, more experienced and get a deeper grasp of this life. We all underwent a sense of achievement, anguish or even depression. Each person, each story. None shares anything in common. And for me, this 2017 seems to be the best in my life. Just only a few minutes to go, 2018 will set in. And I am writing this post just with a view to having a look back to what I have experienced in 2017.

So what would a story be??? Just a story about a Traveller on the way to discover who am I. It appears to be a nagging question when people are asking me what is my true identity, what differentiates mẹ from others, what are my merits and demerits. Those baffled me a lot. I do not know the answer though I always assertive that I understand myself. But I am just under that impression. And that Traveller decided to go and discover himself.

I was in the middle of nowhere. Do not know where is my life objective or my long-term goal. And the only resolution I can adapt to answer those questions is to go and take action

#first journey when coming to a fundamentally new school without relationships.

Going to Phan Boi Chau means a lot to me. Getting admitted to this school seemed to be insurmountable for a child in a small village in Ha Tinh province. I used to myself create a phobia that I cannot do that as I do not have a good environment to study and my knowledge cannot be on the same par with them. But what drives me to take that risk to sit an exam at that school. It is my love for that school and I realize that this school would revolutionize my life. Thank God, I passed it and be on the bottom of the class. But It does not matter. At least I am not on top and lose my motivation to forget ahead 😂 Experiences transpire with all cute friends in Phan and a bunch of activities. And hope 2018 will be far better

#what an influential person???

2 years ago, I have never thought of America, but just one month ago, I got the scholarship to study in this great country for one month. What I can say it is such an ecstasy. Win this game is not an end, I still pose myself why I won that, what made me not others were chosen by the arbitrator while they have more vantage points than me. And I realize what made me win is confidence, strong belief and the impact of my presentation on the audience and the judge. The Crux of the matter it is not what trick you use to pop up your speech or how great your pronunciation is but the best way is to touch their heart through my speech and help them realize what they want. This experience taught me that in this big world, we can never exist without community. An influential person does not lie in how many speeches or great knowledge they gave. But how can we go deep into every hears and help them realize the core values of the matter?

#UWC Forever family.

UWC is certainly a long-lasting memory in my life. I think it deserves another post and I would elaborate more details later. But I want to say that. Thank UWC for giving me a chance to be a member of 37 cutest and talented finalist family. Words can never fully describe how much I love you. Indeed 4 days is not a long time but enough for me to understand ourselves, realize how great our community is, who we are and what is our identity and so on. Thanks for everything. And for me, UWC is always a dream. Previously, I never imagined that I can be a finalist. But now I did this. Well, now it is 0.04 now in 2018 and I am still looking forward to the final result. But I firmly believe that no matter what the result is, we are admittedly a family and I have nothing to regret. We can not have a chance to study in UWC but I doesn’t mean that we cannot seize other opportunities as long as we can always keep UWC spirits in our mind. Thanks for being a part of my life.

Gluck you guys 2018 officially sets in

Happy New Year !!!

It’s time !!!

…Time has gone by without hesitation but I still need to think of everything surrounding me. It doesnt make sense if i am too ambitious to hold it tightly, to fulfill my insatiable demand for more things and to truly live with my true identity and deeply understand it…Today it is such a fuckng day baffling me a lot. Happiness, worriness and sadness mix up

together. What’s that :))

In a beautiful morning, at 7 p.m, when I was kicking a shuttle cock with my friends, notification of Email popped up. As usual, I checked it. Not news, not documentaries I receive daily but an important letter UWC Vietnam Admission. At that moment, I can feel a gamut of emotions in my body, my cells and my brain. I knew that it would be a letter deciding whether I go to final round or not. Opened it and saw Congratulations. I just seem to be explosive, and forgot about everything around. But also at that moment I still regretted. If i said this to whole world, maybe I would come in for a bulk of criticism immediately:)) I regreted because my journey to UWC an inspirational experience is deeply ingrained in my blood is about to come to an end. Regretted because I am myself still underway to discover more about my true identity, the hidden side in my mind. But at least I have learnt a lot so far from UWC application process indeed helps me understand myself better, arouse my motivation to fulfill all unfinished projects and future projects planned.

I realised three important lessons

1.Seize opportunity whenever possible. If your fear prevent you, just break it

2.Please know who you are, which makes you set apart from others – true identity. You can only find answer on your own by chalenging and go depth into the real life.

3.Don’t be a liar but be the human, accept our demerits, dare to confess and correct them and pursue your passion that you will never give up no matter what. You lie and the price is you have just deappreciated your own self-esteem and noone will respect you

On second thought, I have nothing to regret. Life is life, it is a long journey, accept challenge and make it happen.Waiting to see you guys UWC 2017 Finalists and inspirational alumni. Let’s make this final round transpire in the way UWC spirits put us across :))

For ourselves or others….?

Today, this is the part of the answer for a question in my next project. The question is “What is the motivation for you to work towards your goal”. This question drives me to think about a fact that that we often think we do something for others. From my viewpoint, this is a common misconception.

This psychological misunderstanding leads us to do good to others (because we think we do it to others). In addition, this also leads to the fact that when what we do to others is not reciprocated or recognized as desired, we are easily distressed. What’s behind this psychology, are we really doing something for others or for ourselves?

AND THE TRUTH IS ” EVERYONE DOES EVERYTHING FOR THEMSELVES”. Our parents, for example, who seem to be the the greatest, the most selfless in our life, are unconsciously doing things for themselves, then it is generally possible that everyone are doing everything for themselves, not for anyone else. Silent in minutes to think about the reason why our parents sacrifice, do everything for us? Because of out happiness. So what it would be when we are happy? Our parens are happy as well. Is not that what our parents are doing “for us”, after all, to “let parents be happy”? If we are miserable and parents feel happy, do you think parents will make us miserable for a lifetime? I bet there is.


In this complicated life, you will often find yourself dealing with people who treat you badly, but you treat them well. And you will realize that, in fact, you treat others well not because you expect them to help you in the future, to admire you, but simply because of your TRUE HAPPINESS AND PEACEFUL MIND. With this thought in mind, no matter how human beings treat us, we can always maintain the nature of goodness and say no to REVENGE OR EVIL.


Our projects for The Youth – NYDO

2 months, 3 months, NYDO man and I has tried a lot to give youngsters and teenagers in Nghe An, Ha Tinh Province to have a chance  to improve the capacity and social responsibility,  foster creativity and solve common problems of the community. I have experienced and studied a lot of new things when being a leader, working with many members in NYDO. Indeed, although I know it’s hard but this challenge has help me to realize the importance of Teamwork, Intelligence and leadership skills and others as well.

Now It is an overview on our events. Hope you can get a deeper understanding of them.

1/ YISC- Young Innovatior Seed Camp

  1. What is YISC?
    “YISC – Tectonic Seed Camp” is a project organized for young people with passion for learning, dare to challenge, dare to perform. In that spirit, BTC program supported and assisted the young people to go on a 4-hour summer camp, taking place at Nguyen Du relic area, Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinh province.
    YISC is sponsored by CSDS Vietnam, Youthforce 2030, Oxfam Vietnam, and of course, there is no shortage of mentoring and support from the BTC NYDO Vietnam. Building this project successfully and inspire the inspiration for the younger generations, the campers through this event.
  2. For campers ages 15-24, come from different regions in Ha Tinh, Nghe An, Hue and Quang Tri. Although different in terms of geographic distance, generation gap, people still come together with the spirit of learning and open heart.
    In addition to 29 faces participating in this summer camp, there are enthusiastic, experienced NYDO members, who are always ready to help, teach people only 4 working days.
  3. 20622121_334915643629544_8126331369138150441_n
  4. 2/NGƯỜI TRẺ NGHỆ TĨNH 2017 – KHAI PHÁ TIỀM LỰC CÁ NHÂN – NgheTinh Youth Summit1 / “Each person has his own identity, a unique potential. What we need to do is find our own things, stop comparing ourselves with others, overcome fears and limitations, and learn how to live our lives. ”
    2 / Object
    The main object of the Forum (forum participants) is the group of young people aged 16-25.
    3 / Main form and who participate in this forum?
    A forum is a way of organizing a program, in which participants often discuss a certain topic.
    The 2017 Youth Arts Show kicked off with a gathering of over 250 participants, including young people selected through applications, guests and speakers.
    After the main forum, we hope to be able to maintain it with smaller programs, at least every two months.
    4 / What is the purpose of the Forum?
    Nghe Tinh Youth Forum aims to build a positive, empathetic and inspirational space for young people in the locality.
    This is an opportunity for them to share their own stories, connected with the older generation – who have a special interest in the development of youth.
    Annual themes will be selected, changed to ensure diversity and usefulness to young people.
    5 / Who is hosting this forum?
    FORUM FOR THE PROVINCES OF THE PROVINCE is an initiative of the NYDO youth organization (Website). Each year’s program has its own BTC team.
    The main members of the BTC are: (1) NYDO Member, (2) Young Innovator Seed Camp participant (a young leadership program of NYDO Vietnam), (3) (4) Volunteers, Collaborators
    Application form for BTC members and volunteers and collaborators will be published 2 months before the expected time.
    B. Information about the 2017 People’s Choice Forum – PERSONAL INFRASTRUCTURE EXPLANATION
    6 / Key message
    This year 2017, we started with the theme of “PERSONAL PERSONALIZATION” and the core message that “Each person has his own identity, his own potential. What we need to do is find our own things, stop comparing ourselves with others, overcome fears and limitations, and learn how to live our lives. ”
    7 / I see there are many events around the main forum too. Can you sum it up? What is the reason for so many activities?
    Diverse activities are one of the efforts of the Organizing Committee to spread the message broader and deeper.
    By learning about PERSONAL LIFE we realize that each person is “favored” and receptive in different ways, so what we need to do is convey a positive message, in creative and diverse ways.
    Briefly summarize the activities “towards the ARCTIC FORUM” is as follows:
    1. The duet song
    We believe music will connect young people together, thereby spreading the message of inspiration for discovering and building a life for young people.
    2. “LANG NGHE” Exhibition
    We think of a “quiet” space where young people can share their deepest stories, fears, despair, dreams, passions, choices …. ”
    The stories will be the young people sympathize, describe, told in different forms: Drawing, photos, design …
    3. Art Night “I AM CORE”
    “Art Night is designed as a river of life, with families, friends and hometowns, and this river will be a safe space for young people to reflect on what they should do. own life “.
    Art night organized by  NYDO Vietnam with partners to help participants experience a wide range of art forms such as painting, writing, music …
    The main event brought together 250 young people and speakers and guests to discuss and contribute ideas to the biggest question, “How can young people unlock their personal potentials?”
    Say right
    Part 1: The root of individual potential
    Part 2: Barriers
    Part 3: Solution creation
  5. Young people who are selected are open minded, creative and determined people who are committed to creating change for themselves and for society. We call these young people of the tectonic generation.
    Speakers and guests are the ones who will bring forth diffuse ideas and perspectives based on their own experiences. The common feature is that they are all people who are passionate and concerned with young people who want to contribute to the development of young people.
    We use a variety of interwoven, youth-centered forms to maximize the initiative and interaction of the participants.
    Keynote Speeches: Speakers will give lectures on their topic and related experiences to inspire and inspire you with many cornerstones.
    If you want to see more pictures or videos, you can visit https://www.facebook.com/nys.nydo/https://www.facebook.com/yisc.nydo/?ref=br_rs

                                                                                               June – Aug 2017

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